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Simple but fun for some reason. Got to a 1082 memes. GG m808.

Found some bugs!
G36C is named IMI Tar-21 in the gear shop.
Sometimes my squad members just stop and do nothing
Sometimes my squad members try to walk into a wall and that just ends up in them getting stuck.

Great game tho.

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would be really good if it was mixed properly, i mean, this basically has no low end at all, the high end is way too strong and the stereo image is weird.

other than that, you already know. could be nice.

Oh boy.

The intro could use some lowpass modulation, to sort of fade in.
0:16 Good idea, but the rides sound sort of dry (dry = sticks out in a bad way).-
0:31 The supersaw is even more dry.
0:47-ish Bad use of volume automation, it shouldn't go completely quiet like that.
2:12 Various sounds are quite unbalanced, way too loud too.
2:34 Mediocre Sytrus FM bass that I hear in every beginner's dubstep song, just sayin'.
The end is boring. Just gets quieter and thats it.


Other than those issues, the crash sounds quite dry too, the sidechain is very weak or non-existent at all (I do strongly recommend learning to do it if you don't know it), the levels are a bit unbalanced, transistions are quite boring.

There are probably more flaws, I just can't quite pinpoint them because I am bad at criticizing.

Welp, there are some good things too, like the section at 0:54, as basic as it is, I find it pretty catchy.
Good idea with the intro, but could have been better (mentioned it previously).
Nice use of pitch shifting in the buildups.

Keep it up.

HardwiredMusic responds:

Time for the excuses :p I see your point on the rides actually, I don't really like them as much, should've faded them somehow, maybe a 50-50 wet/dry ratio on the reverb could fix it... I don't think that counts as a supersaw, it's more of a gritty sine but I see your point. I don't see what you mean by "Bad volume automation" really... FM is loud. That's all there is to say about that. Unbalanced idk unless you have really nice headphones it may be kinda "overbassed" if you will. 2:34: I forgot to take that drop out of the song completely, that was an experiment. That crash sounds fine to me, idk what anyone else thinks though. I'm sure I already..yep there it is in the desc.: "I suck at transitions' The catchy lead is the key idea, this song started as rave-like house (like pretty much all my songs) the pitch shift is overused in my opinion but well, its the easiest effect to learn (In FL Studio anyway) I'm glad you liked some of it, this wasn't my best track (Except maybe the first drop, which I'm proud of :p) Finally, the end is a fade. Idk what else to say, as I use an EP shift in almost all my songs (this is ""unique"" In my opinion) I'm glad you took the time to listen to the song, and I hope I can fix a few of these errors. oh, 1 last thing: Sytrus is my favorite, I can't stand Serum usually, it's usually not my stlye either (it's very overused on NG)

quality meme

TheMayder responds:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
BooBass iz the best synth

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veri nais

Skiddle responds:

lol thanks ravioli

Aside from the memes and shit, this is actually a pretty good drawing in my opinion, lmao.

Is this hand-drawn? It looks pretty good to be honest.

MchectorII responds:

I was also in a rush to get this done for a friend,not sure if she has seen it...Thanks for your review though.I need to practice a lot.

I make music.

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