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good news for everyone

2017-08-09 11:21:10 by Ravitex

got a new cpu (well, its not new, but you get the point), so now i should actually be able to continue working on stuff


anotha sub special

2017-07-24 14:24:58 by Ravitex

it is only the time for it that is unknown, but there is still time to vote: https://twitter.com/ravitexofficial/status/888841350644412416

i probably should have made this post (the one you're currently reading) earlier, but whatever. feel free to tell me your opinion in the comments


2017-05-12 14:14:03 by Ravitex


JOIN IT NOW!!!!!!!!! https://discord.gg/KresQNy


2017-04-25 08:09:45 by Ravitex

im not dead. workin on some pretty neat stuff (surprise surprise, not dnb)

2 projects: dubstep and glitch hop. theres another project that i started recently and one that i just havent finished for a long time, but i dont feel like workin on them.

one more thing is non music related. its about my activity on my second youtube channel:

https://www.youtube.com/user/mapompo2 (ignore the stupid url name)

doing some mapping here, not exactly mapping but just showing off my work with UnrealEd 2.0 for UT99. might start doing maps for other games in the future, who knows.


2017-02-25 13:17:06 by Ravitex

Just hit 200 followers and 50k plays on Soundcloud! What a time to be alive!

500 sub video done

2017-02-02 07:13:29 by Ravitex

heyyy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOGCryuVnjw&t=45s

500 subscriber milestone.

2017-01-28 09:58:40 by Ravitex

I know it's a bit late but I am going to do a video about it on my YouTube channel. Give me some requests on what I should do.

Happy New Year!

2016-12-31 17:15:00 by Ravitex

Tbh there's nothing happy about it since I don't have money for a GPU (I don't have a GPU for my current PC at all) and I have wiped out my old hard drive (Important backups have been done), meaning that I have to reinstall a lot of things, including FL and all the plug-ins. That's it for the neeeewwwwssss.


2016-12-19 13:05:12 by Ravitex

Anyone remember that song? Well, now it has a remix by RulingSaturn!


Check him out:






2016-12-14 10:44:33 by Ravitex

So the drivers got damaged, somehow. Now they're just stiff pieces of shit. They used to be great. Hopes and dreams = crushed.5490337_148173018881_CzpbiPmXEAAAjBl.jpg