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Ravitex's News

Posted by Ravitex - December 3rd, 2015

So, one day I say to myself:

"I should do a remix of NK - Fairydust"

It may happen, but...




I need to contact Rukkus/NightKilla/Realistik first. Permission is needed.

Posted by Ravitex - December 1st, 2015

I've been invited to participate in the private voting panel to decide the Best of November.

That was an interesting message to get. To be honest, I didn't know many of the... um... submissions that I had to choose from, so I just picked the ones that looked the most interesting to me. I'm not as active in the Movies or Games sections as I am in the Audio section, ya know?

That is because:

1. I assumed that I need to pick them quickly.

2. And because of the first reason, I thought that I don't have the time to take a look at all of them (the ones that I haven't seen, of course).

But I really wanted to do it! It's not like you get to do such a thing every day!




Sooooo... What do you think about this?

Posted by Ravitex - November 29th, 2015

That "Low rating for no reason" thing is really getting on my nerves. If you do that: Fuck you.

You should know that this makes you a hater, and hater votes don't help anybody.

Posted by Ravitex - November 28th, 2015

A sketch... thing...

I'm not very good at using the paintbrush tool but whatever.


Posted by Ravitex - November 24th, 2015

News didn't break anything!

Now that I finished the project that I mentioned in the previous post, I don't know what to do anymore! 





Just kidding, I have plenty of unfinished shit in my folders.

Posted by Ravitex - November 23rd, 2015

I'm working on something really big now, and I'm not trying to make a joke about dicks!

It might not look like much as a FL Studio 11 project, but it sounds really cool!

Basically, it's almost finished, but I'm gonna spend some time polishing it.


Posted by Ravitex - November 22nd, 2015

...is real.


Posted by Ravitex - November 20th, 2015


Rating says that it's shit... basically.

Reviews say that it's amazing.

Make up your mind, people.

Posted by Ravitex - November 16th, 2015

Hello everyone! My name is Ravitex, and today we explore my SoundCloud messages! This will be fun!


Oh, theres another one!


I'm getting into it!


That was absolutely amazing! Right, guys?!




Ok, I'm just joking. But you got the point, I'm getting absolute shit from people. Like seriously, who the fuck thinks that they can send this shit ON SOUNDCLOUD?! I'm not angry, but come on... Here I log on to SoundCloud, here I see a notification... Oh look, a message! I get excited, but when I open it up, I get shit like this. And I'm just sitting there like... 


Posted by Ravitex - November 14th, 2015

Apparently, people seem to be doing this "#PrayForParis" Thing, it's all over the social media.

Some shit seriously went down there.

I might be not the right person to say this, but... 

Commenting "#PrayForParis", changing your status or whatever, changing your profile pic with a french flag filter won't help anybody. Just saying...

But it sure was a tragedy, right?





*some time later ravitex gets mocked because of his thoughts*